ROCKETMAN is the highly anticipated musical fantasy about the life of Elton John and his breakthrough years.  The film features a whole host of British talent; written by Lee Hall, the man behind Billy Elliot, directed by Dexter Fletcher and stars the brilliant actor Taron Egerton as Elton, Jamie Bell as Bernie Taupin and Bodyguard star Richard Madden as Elton 's former manager and lover John Ried.  Taron Egerton is astounding as Elton and performs all of his own vocals during the movie.  

ROCKETMAN focuses on Elton 's emergence as a prodigy of the Royal Academy of Music, before transforming into the supersonic popstar we know and love today.  The film is a wonderful celebration of Elton 's fashion choices and Oliver Goldsmith were incredibly excited to contribute to the costumes. Elton John sunglasses are some of the most memorable glasses in history; feathered, rhinestoned, glittered and always loud, when it comes to eyewear, there really is no one else in the world as iconic and influential as the one and only Sir Elton John.  

For some, fashion is a means of expression, for others it is a way of life and Elton John certainly fits into the second category.  His fashion choices and particularly his glasses became his trademark and for over 50 years he has graced the stage, pages of magazines and our television screens wearing some of the most unique and brilliant costumes and glasses you could ever imagine.  

In an interview with Billboard Magazine, Elton said of his fashion choices 'I 'm proud of the part I have played in moving eyewear from function to fashion ' He also said that his assortment of oversized, rhinestone glasses, while expressive, were actually an attempt to hide his extreme shyness.  Elton also suffers with extreme myopia so there is also a genuine need for them!

Oliver Goldsmith Sunglasses are proud to have graced the face of Elton in the past and we were thrilled to be featured in the film ROCKETMAN.  From the Spillane worn as spectacles, as seen here on the official Instagram page for the film, to the Claire Goldsmith Watson worn in Elton 's 'early years ', the costumes capture a period of time perfectly and encapsulate the pure joy and theatre of Elton 's fashion choices.  How many of our frames can you spot in the Official Trailer?

The film is a fantastic tribute to this legendary entertainer and fashion icon, and we can 't wait to see it.  ROCKETMAN is scheduled to be released on May 31st 2019.  

Oliver Goldsmith