Sunglasses are without doubt the most important summer accessory‚ so with the sun finally shining and as you start to pack your holiday suitcase, why not get a new pair of shades in your armoury.   With over 50 sunglasses to choose from in the Oliver Goldsmith collection you 're spoilt for choice.

Choice is a wonderful thing, but it can also be confusing. This article is a guide to our best summer shades for both men and women. Our first piece of advice is to not follow trends.   Eyewear is an individual and respective statement and it should reflect your own sense of style and personality.  We also believe it 's important to make a considered purchase.  Choosing eyewear based on trends rather than fit or shape can contribute to unwanted frames, and nobody wants to support the damage that throwaway fashion causes.  We make our frames to last and we hope that by choosing the right pair, you 'll go back to them year after year.

Faces, and all their idiosyncrasies are an obsession to any eyewear designer.  Bone structure, skin tone, eyebrows, jaw, width of noses, the shape of an eye ‚Äì they are all so wonderfully different.  Finding a frame that fits is key, so read on to find styling advice to help you find your perfect pair of sunglasses this summer.


For wide face shapes, you are spoilt for choice.  Many of the Oliver Goldsmith sunglasses are replicas of frames designed in the 1960's and 1970's, so we have a fantastic selection of oversized frames that are big, bold and perfect for wide faces.  Our favourites are the Fuz and Koko‚ two of OG's most iconic shapes. Both designed in 1966, the shapes are characteristic of the era and feature unique paddle temples.

For medium sized faces why not check out the Audrey, a frame named in tribute to the late great Audrey Hepburn.  Or how about the gentle sweeping lines of the Lancelot? Another great frame that suits many face shapes.

For the smaller and narrower faces look no further than the timeless Sophia and the elegant Grace - a petite cat-eye that was originally designed in 1959 and worn by the beauty that was Princess Grace.


There is no better fitting frame for wide faces that the Matador.  This strong, angular frame features wide temples and a boxy aesthetic, a perfect contrast to large face shapes.  The Lord is also a firm favourite and compliments so many face shapes.

For medium faces why not check out one of our aviators? From the classic teardrop shaped Colt, to a more contemporary Rio or the timeless lines of the 1940's, the aviator continues to be one of the industries most popular shapes and for good reason; it suits so many people.

Last but not least, for small or narrower faces check out the Vice Consul, worn and loved by Peter Sellers. If you are looking for something that packs a punch, you should look no further that the 1920's. Inspired by the roaring 20's and the automotive industry, the frame features leather side-cups and super flat 2 base mineral glass sun lenses.  It 's a true beauty of a frame.

Happy browsing and feel free to email through any enquiries to With the sun rays being more harmful to eyes, sunglasses should really become a seasonless essential and take pride of place in your bag.

Oliver Goldsmith