Winter Sun continues to be one of the most exciting collections in the Oliver Goldsmith catalogue and we’re pleased to announce the arrival of not only brand-new colourways for LORD, OASIS, WINSTON, Y-NOT and YATTON Winter Sun, but the launch of possibly one of the most iconic sunglass designs ever, the MANHATTAN.

Audrey Hepburn’s most memorable sunglass, the Manhattan, has been updated and transformed into a modern yet timeless masterpiece.  Available in five beautiful new colourways, you can choose between the richness and warmth of colours such as Earth Tortoise, Husk and Earl Grey or for a more original and fresh take, check out Pink Coral or Sugar.

This Winter Sun collection was a concept originally devised by Oliver Goldsmith back in 1969. The distinctive lightly tinted lenses allow the frames incredible versatility; from wearing on a winter’s day, shielding the eyes from the glare of screens or interior lights to simply being a brilliantly stylish and adaptable accessory.  All Winter Sun designs are replicas of our most popular designs yet sized down for a more universal fit.

The original advertising from 1969 states - ‘Remember to see and be seen in Oliver Goldsmith’  - A sentiment we continue to standby today. So, whether you’re channeling Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffanys or Caine in the Ipcress File – the Winter Sun collection will satisfy the nostalgia and quintessential cool of these cult icons all wrapped up in a seriously stylish pair of frames.


New to our winter sun collection – the Manhattan is one of OG’s most famous sunglass designs. The adaptability of the Winter Sun sizing and delicately tinted lenses make them one of the most wearable and popular designs in the collection. Available in Earl Grey, Earth Tortoise, Pink Coral, Sugar and Husk. SHOP MANHATTAN

The Y-NOT and Yatton serve as beautiful alternatives to your everyday frames.  The retro styling gives them the most wonderful permanence within your wardrobe, they’re designs that you’ll reach for time and time again.  Y-Not is available in 10pm, Rainwater, Sugar and February Grey.  Yatton available in Pink Coral, Rainwater and Sugar. SHOP Y-NOT  SHOP YATTON


Already a best-seller in both our Icons and Winter Sun collection, the new colours 10pm, Earth Tortoise, Emerald and Rainwater are so good, you’ll struggle to choose just one. SHOP LORD

Winston is a design that harks back to our Goldsmith roots. Packed full of heritage, this chunky and distinctive design has real panache and certainly stands out from the crowd.  Now available in 10pm, Rainwater and Rust. SHOP WINSTON


A simple and classic round, this frame has wonderful wearability and a timeless quality, check out the new colours; Almost Black and Earth Tortoise. SHOP OASIS

Visit the website now to check out the full collection.

Oliver Goldsmith