As with bodies, faces and heads come in many different shapes and sizes; wide, narrow, oval, square, round, heart, the list goes on.  With so many different styles and silhouettes, how do you choose what's right for you?

This feature is dedicated to the people with heads that are, let 's say, above average.  Whether you are a guy or a girl, we've rounded up a selection of frames that are most suitable for your lovely big, broad and beautiful face!   

It 's important to remember that just because you have a large face, it doesn't mean you just have to wear a huge bulky frame, unless that's the look you're after of course.  You can have a wide face but a narrow pupil distance, or a large head, but perhaps you want to wear a small discreet frame‚ it's about finding the right fit and we believe the shape you choose is more to do with your overall style and personality than what face shape you are.  Let's remember of course, frames that are too small will simply be uncomfortable. They will pinch the side of the face, pull the frame too close to your eyes and can often look very dated.

So, let 's take a look at our pick from the collection.  First off - our newest release the WINSTON,  it 's bold shaping is the perfect crossover between contemporary and retro.  HENDRIX and KING are great strong frames too that fit a wide face fantastically.  If you are looking for a more lightweight option we would recommend the COLE, NATHAN or MONTEBELLO.

Another good tip is to convert sunglasses into optical frames or switch it up and create something unique by using a transition lens, oversized sunglass frames work particularly well for this.  My sunglass options for large faced men would be; LORD, MATADOR or SPILLANE.  The GOPAS works particularly well with a transition lens, it's a bold look, but looks incredible.  

For the girls we have so many amazing options.  Since most of our sunglasses are replicas of our vintage frames dating from the 1960 's and 1970 's they have that wonderful oversized styling.  KOKO and FUZ are probably some of Oliver Goldsmith's most iconic frames and are the perfect fit for large faces.  The YATTON is another superstar that works beautifully with a transition lens.

Oliver Goldsmith