Is there more a sartorial splendour than that of the retro sunglass? There is just something about them that transcends your age, gender or face shape. The true classics; the aviators, pantos and wayfarer's of the world, just seem to work, on everyone.

These style classics will always be in fashion because retro styling is timeless. If you think icon, you think sunglasses‚ from Elton to Caine, Hepburn to Gaga, whether it 's the understated or exaggerated, what would these stars be without their eyewear? They are iconic for a reason and having stood the test of time will continue to do so for years to come. Maybe it 's the nostalgia, maybe it 's the simple moral in the motto 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it', who knows?! but you can be sure you've made a solid investment when purchasing a retro sunglass shape.

The three best retro shapes from Oliver Goldsmith that perfectly embody this theme are The Lord, originally designed in 1961 and made famous by Michael Caine himself. A heavy set 'wayfarer' shape, this design classic will take you through life with serious style. The Colt (1972); a faultless teardrop aviator, there's something so perfect about its simplicity, and in my opinion, there is no other frame that suits both men and women equally. Lastly, The Carnaby, the key hole bridge, subtle lines and ageless classicism makes it perfect for everyone.

So, rise above the transient trends, look to the classics and you'll have a pair of retro style sunglasses that you'll return to forever and ever, look at them as a modern-day heirloom. Trends may come and go in the world of eyewear, but a pair of retro frames will forever stand the test of time.

Oliver Goldsmith