When you do what we do, there's nothing more exciting than new designs, so we're delighted to introduce you to Winter Sun, the brand-new sunglasses and optical frame collection by Oliver Goldsmith.

Although new, the roots of this unique collection lie in a concept that was originally designed in 1969.  The sunglasses feature a very lightly tinted lens.  Originally known as 'cosmetic lenses' during the sixties, Oliver Goldsmith designed this tint specifically for protection against the sun's glare on a winter's day or to remove the brightness of interior lights. 

Today, we've harnessed the same theory, but our lenses have been updated with the highest quality UVA and UVB sun protection.  They can also be worn to ease the strain on eyes from digital devices and screen, as well as low light situations, handy!

Oliver Goldsmith have always been pioneers in their industry and were one of the first brands ever to use tinted lenses in their spectacles.  Back in the 1940's, it was simply tinted glass and thanks to the improvements in technology and manufacturing we can now provide the highest optical protection whilst retaining a light, subtle tint.  Oliver Goldsmith have always aimed to push the boundaries of design but also consumer expectation, and we hope to continue that legacy today.  

There is a statement on the vintage marketing document for the original Winter Sun collection stating:

'Beware of imitations. Only genuine Oliver Goldsmith Winter Sunglasses have the name 'Oliver Goldsmith ' on the side.  Where sight is concerned, there can be no compromise with quality. '

And we stand by that statement today! Winter Sun is the perfect example of when old and new come together in perfect harmony. The collection features five of our most iconic styles; Y-Not, Lord, Yatton, OOPs and Gopas but sized down. This smaller size makes them perfect for use both indoors and outdoors during the wintery months that approach us.

Featuring deliciously warm, wintery colourways such as 'Olive ', 'Potato ' and 'Shadow ' to 'Whale ', 'Storm ' and 'Velvet ', the colours evoke a desire for all things autumnal; windy walks in the winter sun, log fires and hot drinks.  

Winter Sun is a fresh interpretation on a vintage idea, and we hope you'll love the new designs and colourways.  Available to buy online now and instore from November.  

Oliver Goldsmith