Love is in the air this month! Love it or loathe it, its Valentine’s Day on Monday 14th February and Oliver Goldsmith have got the perfect present for you or your loved one. 

Have up to three initials hot foil stamped by hand, in either silver or gold on the outside of the temple.  A small but intimate detail that will set not only your gift, but your frame apart from anyone else.

Chocolates and flowers are of course lovely, but the gift of personalisation is a unique and thoughtful gift that has longevity and heart.

It doesn’t matter if you’re purchasing something for a bit of self-love or because the one you love deserves spoiling…….a pair of OG’s is always a good idea.

Here’s our top three frames for Valentines Day:

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Uni-sex frames have never been more popular.  Classic lines and timeless styling mean they will always hold a place in your wardrobe whatever your style.  The Senor is a prime example; a classic, androgynous silhouette but with retro styling that secures it as one of the most versatile frames in our collection.  Whether brother, lover, sister or friend, you’ll all be fighting over this frame.

The No Brainer:

The Manhattan is a undoubtably our most popular design.  If you’re feeling unsure about which pair to pick…then choose these! Arguably one of the most famous sunglasses ever worn – The Manhattan is the name of the iconic sunglasses worn by Audrey Hepburn in ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s. The beautiful arched top line and subtle cat-eye means it compliments almost every face shape and the history of this iconic design will forever be a talking point.

The one they’ll never buy themselves:

Wow is one of Oliver Goldsmiths most brilliant designs. Verging on the ridiculous, this huge oversized ‘mask’ isn’t a frame for the fainthearted.  It’s a collector’s item, a statement making, talking piece that you’ll covet forever.  Wardrobe staples are of course essential but sometimes you need to just say yes to the ridiculous and indulge in the joy of fashion.

Oliver Goldsmith