Did you know that Audrey Hepburn supposedly had the same size face as a six-year-old child? As one of the most iconic frame wearers of her generation, clearly having a small face wasn't a problem for her, and if you too have a narrow or small face, then fret not - there are plenty of options, it 's just a case of understanding what you are looking for.  

There are two important rules for finding glasses or sunglasses for small faces.  Firstly, know your size. Frames all (should) have a unique set of numbers included on the inside of their temple, this dictates the size of your frame.  Once you know what size frame you are wearing, you can start to judge which frames will fit you and set parameters of size around this number. As a rough guide, frames with an eyesize between 40-45mm tend to be good for narrow or small faces.  You can read more about this in our 'Guide to Buying Eyewear' article HERE.   

Step two is fit! Buying online doesn't particularly cater for this, but it 's very important that you are made aware that your frames can be adjusted.  One of the most irritating things in the world is having frames slip off your nose and constantly having to push them back up. This unfortunate aggravation tends to be common place for people with small faces, as the temples tend to be too long for their face.  There is a very simple way of combatting this; adjustment. Find a good independent optician and ask for their help, by carefully heating up the temple, it can be adjusted to bend perfectly at your ear, and as if by magic, no more slipping and sliding.

Another little tip for small faces is to use optical frames as sunglasses.  Optical frames tend to be smaller than sunglasses, and you can simply ask your optician to put sun lenses in them.  Not only will you have more frames to choose from, but you can be creative with your choice of lens and can create something which undoubtably no one else will have, which is always a win.

Oliver Goldsmith Sunglasses and Claire Goldsmith have lots of options for the small faced among us. For optical, try ELLIS, DALTON or CREWE  and for sun, try SOPHIA, COLT ZERO  or my personal favourite the 1930's, which looks amazing as both an optical or a sunglass.

So to all the small faces around the world‚ happy shopping!

Oliver Goldsmith