MMichael Caine is an English actor, producer and author with a career spanning over 50 years.  He has appeared in more than 125 films and is famed not only for his iconic South London drawl, but his love affair with outstanding eyewear.

Michael Caine was the epitome of British cool in the 60 's and 70 's‚ his coiffed locks, statement eyewear and snappy suits made him the personification of 'suave '.  He even made smoking a cigar look good. Caine 's sartorial success was all in its simplicity, rarely did he defer from his uniform, but it worked, and it still works to this day.  

Originally from Camberwell in London, Michael Caine 's big break was appearing in 60 's classics such as 'Zulu ', 'The Ipcress File ' and 'Alfie ' followed by more historic cult classics such as 'The Italian Job ' and 'Get Carter '.  Whether onscreen or kicking back in a London boozer, Caine was never without his heavy-set glasses, many of which were by Oliver Goldsmith. The brand worked alongside Caine for many years, providing the glasses and sunglasses for various films, most notably for his role as Harry Palmer in the 'Ipcress File '.  

Glasses most definitely became Michael Caines ' go to accessory, they are a part of him, his image, his guise, they are as akin to him as the films he 's performed in.  Such is the power of good eyewear; they have the ability to transcend age, era or sex, they simply become a part of you and the projection of your character.

In regards to design, the 60 's and 70 's were prime decades for the Oliver Goldsmith brand.  To this day, many of the frames designed within this era remain our best-sellers. As one of the only a handful of brands manufacturing in London at the time, it was inevitable that Caine and Goldsmith would work together.  Michael Caine wore many of our frames including The Consul, The Renzo, The Ingema and most famously The Lord designed in 1961 and worn in one of his most iconic images by famed photographer David Bailey.   As with many of his glasses, Caine wore The Lord in solid black and as spectacles. Today we sell The Lord as sunglasses and it is available in over five different colourways.  

Michael Caine is a perfect example of how glasses can have a powerful effect on your style statement.  From the chunkiest acetate frames, to horn rimmed wonders and even understated wire aviators, it 's the commitment to his meticulous clean and classic 60 's style that has propelled him into the four-eyed icon that he is.

Whether you are looking to channel your inner Michael Caine or Peter Sellers or perhaps you are looking to carve your own identity through eyewear, why not explore the Goldsmith range.  Confidence and conviction in your fashion choices go a long way, but good eyewear is the cherry on the cake.  Transform yourself through glasses and become your icon.

Oliver Goldsmith