‘Square peg in a round hole’ was an expression devised by Sydney Smith in 1804.  This little nugget of British vernacular is often used to describe an individualist that does not fit into the niche of their society.  For some it can been deemed negative, whilst for others, it’s an alliance; that with this person they will find a shared attitude, someone who might also like to rebel against the expectations of ‘normal’ society.

The Uuksuu is quite literally this metaphor; a square lens in a round frame.  These sunglasses ignore the natural rules of symmetry, bypassing the assumptions of how or what a great pair of frames should look like.  They embrace the nonconformity of eyewear in such a spectacular way, but they work, boy do they work!  Despite their idiosyncrasy, the Uuskuu is one of the most flattering and easy to wear frames in the Oliver Goldsmith collection.

The opposing lines of the lens and frame compliment and lift the natural contours of the face, whilst the bevelling and subtle wrap of the heavy outer frame bring a powerful and exciting presence to your profile.  Originally designed in 1964, the Uuskuu share many of the oversized and bold detailing of frames produced during this period, yet it retains such a wonderful uniqueness and individuality which make it so special.

Worn by some of the most celebrated faces in the world, including Lady Gaga and Daisy Lowe, Uuksuu is a design dynamo that perfectly characterizes that chic 60’s vibe.  It is also the perfect frame to take risks with, a steppingstone to exploring the limits of your sartorial comfort zone and discover the playfulness of what eyewear can bring to your daily outfits, your confidence and your image.  Life is too short to play safe; wear what you want, dispel the expectations of what you should or shouldn’t be seen in and embrace the joy of fashion.

Jonathan Dicks