OG アセット ライブラリへようこそ。ここでは、ロゴの使用に関するブランド ガイドラインと、キャンペーン画像、カタログ、製品画像などを含むフォルダをご覧いただけます。ライブラリを参照して、必要に応じて利用可能なアセットを使用してください。



The Oliver Goldsmith combination logo is the symbol and focal point of our brand. Therefore it is important to use the logo exactly as specified in these guidelines.


For all wholesale partners we require you to use the logo where the Oliver Goldsmith full name is always visible.  All logos found in this media bank are suitable for your use.

The orientation, colour and composition of the OG logo should remain as indicated within these guidelines with no exceptions. Please do not modify, crop, rotate or scale the logo disproportionately.

Occasionally you may see the Oliver Goldsmith ”OG” logomark used on its own instead of the full combination logo. This is reserved for communications through our own official channels only, where the Oliver Goldsmith brand has already been established.

We do ask all wholesale partners to use the full combination logo (including words) at all times.

Please note that we do not own the rights to celebrity images bearing Oliver Goldsmith product. Our logos should not be used in conjunction with any prints/posters created in store.

Usage of celebrity images will be at your own risk.


Please ensure that you are always using an area of clearance around the OG logo to allow the logo to "breath". The distance of clearance should be the height and width of the letter ”O” of our logo. This ensures that the logo won’t be diminished or obscured by any surrounding elements

The logo should never be smaller than 100px in digital or 35.5mm in print.


The Oliver Goldsmith logo is always used either in black or white.

The logo should not be used in any other colours, however the background colour may change depending on purpose, for example if the logo is used over an image.


提供されているリンクを使用して、オリバー ゴールドスミスの公式ロゴをダウンロードし、広告資料で使用してください。

Oliver Goldsmith の製品を使用した有名人の画像に対する権利は、当社が所有していないことにご注意ください。