Oliver Goldsmith were pioneers within their industry and almost single-handedly put the accessory we now know as sunglasses onto the fashion map. No longer were spectacles with tinted lenses considered a medical necessity, they were now a coveted fashion accessory and everyone and anyone had to be seen wearing a pair.

Señor was designed in 1964 and was heavily influenced by the attitude of the era.  By the 1960’s, magazines such as Vogue, Harpers Bazaar and Tatler were regularly writing features about sunglasses and offering advice on how to style them.  Celebrities, musicians and Royalty would be photographed wearing the latest styles with the likes of Audrey Hepburn, Michael Caine, Grace Kelly and Peter Sellers seen on and off-screen wearing their Oliver Goldsmith frames.

These personalities were the fashion influencers of their time, with the public idolising their look and desperately wanting to recreate it.  The sixties was an incredible time for fashion, clothes for both men and women became progressively more casual and more colourful, no longer were people limited by the formal restrictions of the 1950’s.  Oliver Goldsmith indulged in this freedom to create more extravagant eyewear, their designs became a physical expression of the era and the 1960’s love affair with exaggerated modernism.

Señor personifies the vibe of this era.  Effortlessly cool, these sunglasses have stood the test of time, looking as stylish today as they did back then.  Strong shaping and thickly cut acetate gives the frame authority and presence on the face, but the classic lines give it a familiarity we associate so clearly with the icons of the time.  If you want to channel your inner Bob Dylan or Ray Charles, then Señor is your frame.  In fact, they could just be the perfect pair of sunglasses; naturally stylish, incredibly comfortable and undeniably cool, they’ll be in your fashion artillery for years to come.

The Señor is now available in two alternative versions, a larger frame size in Señor Snr and Señor Winter Sun, the lightly tinted version which also accepts RX prescription lenses

Oliver Goldsmith