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Every collaboration we work on is undertaken with the upmost consideration.   We choose to only work with companies or brands that share our core beliefs, and it is the merging of our brands ethos, philosophies, and attention to detail that make these partnerships not only exciting, but enduring.


Hang with us

Oliver Goldsmith and LA LOOP have united to offer you the ultimate summer pairing.  If you’re forever losing or misplacing your sunglasses, then the only solution is a LA LOOP – the original necklace for your glasses.  The clean lines of this elegant chain blur the lines between practical accessory and fine jewellery resulting in something that is both functional and incredibly stylish.

Glyn is one of Oliver Goldsmith’s most classic and timeless designs.  Originally designed in 1971, it is a wonderfully wearable and versatile aviator that works perfectly on both men and women.

Together, they are simply a match made in heaven.

The promotion includes a 25-inch silver oxidized La Loop necklace with an Oliver Goldsmith Glyn in Blue Tortoiseshell, saving you over 20% 



Ted Baker, meet Oliver Goldsmith. This is the story of two timeless heritage brands, two unique styles, one era-defining collaboration. Sunglasses, but definitely not as you know them, we’re talking quality, craftsmanship and an obsessive attention to detail. Coming together to reimagine the classics, it’s London through and through and just as iconic