Audrey Hepburn Sunglasses

Embark on a journey through the timeless elegance of sunglasses worn by Audrey Hepburn - a curated selection of eyewear that encapsulates the essence of one of Hollywood's most enduring style icons. Known for her roles in cinematic masterpieces and her unparalleled fashion sense, Audrey Hepburn made sunglasses more than just a mere accessory. From the oversized frames that graced her delicate features in "Breakfast at Tiffany's" to the chic, cat-eye silhouettes that became her signature look, each pair tells a story of elegance, sophistication, and a touch of mystery.

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Eye Size
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Bridge Size
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"Breakfast at Tiffany's Sunglasses"
Dark Tortoiseshell Black Mocha Jungle Bahama Tokyo 50 + 3 more
Manhattan Small
Cat-Eye Sunglasses
Black Mocha Dark Tortoiseshell
Cat-Eye Sunglasses
Midnight Cloud Honey & Olive Almost Black Mocha Dark Tortoise Pink Champagne + 3 more
Oversized Sunglasses
Black Silk Tortoise Mocha Black Amber + 1 more
Oops WS
Round Sunglasses / Optical Frames
Tinted Window Almost Black 10pm Juniper Earth Tortoise + 2 more
Oversized Round Sunglasses
Black Leopard Tokyo Tokyo Navy

Unlock the secret to effortless style and explore our collection of sunglasses famously worn by Audrey Hepburn. Perfect for fashion aficionados, vintage collectors, or anyone looking to add a touch of classic glamour to their look. Experience the magic of Audrey's style and how it continues to resonate with fashion lovers around the globe.

Discover the styles that defined an era and continue to inspire fashion enthusiasts and designers alike. Whether you're drawn to the classic allure of the 1960s or seeking to infuse a bit of timeless style into your modern wardrobe, our collection offers a unique blend of history, fashion, and the enduring appeal of a true icon. Dive into the world of timeless sunglasses and let your style be influenced by the elegance, grace, and fashion-forward thinking of a woman who forever changed the way we see beauty and style.