Square Sunglasses

Of all the eyewear silhouettes, square sunglasses are perhaps the most open to interpretation. This simple shape can of course be constructed into many different profiles; from a more exaggerated, geometric shape such as the 1990’s by Oliver Goldsmith to something a little softer, with rounded edges and square lenses, like the Lord. And of course, any rectangle shaped glasses or sunglasses fall into the square glasses category and at Oliver Goldsmith, we have many to choose from.

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Square Sunglasses
Dark Tortoiseshell & Olive 10pm Jaguar Plankton Black Cat Khaki Tokyo 50 Tortoise 50 + 5 meer
Oversized Square Sunglasses
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Square Sunglasses / Optical Frames
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Oversized Square Sunglasses
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Black Plankton Cougar Silk Tortoise Tortoise & Cherry + 2 meer
Oversized Square Sunglasses
Dark Olive The Tropics Black Leopard Tortoise Cherry Seafoam Champagne + 2 meer
Square Sunglasses
Tokyo Black Cat Earth Tortoise Kelp The Tropics + 2 meer
Hexagon Sunglasses
Pink Champagne Tortoise & Cherry Wakame Seafoam Champagne Basalt + 2 meer
The 1980'S-001
Square Sunglasses
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The History of Square Sunglasses

Square glasses, as we know them today, have a rich history dating back to ancient times. The first rudimentary forms of corrective lenses were developed by the ancient Egyptians around 500 BCE. These early lenses were crafted from polished quartz and served the purpose of magnification. Fast forward to the 13th century, and we see the emergence of the first wearable glasses, primarily in Italy. These early frames consisted of metal or bone and held the lenses in front of the eyes, revolutionizing vision correction.

Over the centuries, glasses evolved from a purely functional tool to a fashionable accessory. The introduction of various frame materials, including horn, wood, and later, plastic, further diversified the styles and shapes available. Square sunglasses have stood the test of time as a fashion staple, offering a versatile and stylish accessory for both men and women.

While square sunglasses gained prominence in Western culture during the 1960s and 1970s, it's worth noting that similar styles of sunglasses have existed in various forms across cultures and time periods. For example, similar shapes of eyewear can be seen in historical depictions of sunglasses in ancient China and Rome.

Square sunglasses were popularized during the mid-20th century, where square sunglasses became a symbol of the counterculture and were associated with a sense of rebellion and non-conformity. They were also favoured by various celebrities and fashion-forward individuals, which further contributed to their popularity.

Which Celebrities wear Square Sunglasses

From box aviators, wayfarer style shapes to more contemporary interpretations, the square sunglass is a must-have style to own. This shape has of course, been a go-to choice for many celebrities, exuding an air of sophistication and confidence. Eyewear icons such as Audrey Hepburn, Johnny Depp, Kim Kardashian and Victoria Beckham have long admired square shaped sunglasses. The epitome of elegance and grace, Audrey Hepburn often sported square sunglasses that complemented her classic style, Peter Sellers was a fan of the Vice Consul which is one of Oliver Goldsmith’s most celebrated square sunglass designs. This frame is perhaps the poster boy for chic male sunglasses. Its shape harks back to an era of fashion, music and rock n roll.

Modern celebrities such as Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio and Ryan Gosling tend to opt for a square sunglass with lightly tinted lenses. A modern touch on a classic style, it’s a look that perfectly balances their rugged charm with a touch of sophistication. The Venator, Rex and Preston are all brilliantly versatile square sunglasses that would work perfectly with coloured lenses.

Which sunglasses suit my face shape?

Finding the perfect pair of square sunglasses is not only about style, but it's also about complementing your unique facial features. If you have a round race, square sunglasses can provide a striking contrast to the softness of a round face, adding definition and structure. Designs such as Fuz or Ego would work perfectly, particularly if you have a slightly larger face.

Oval faces can pull off almost any style, including square sunglasses. Opt for a pair that doesn't overwhelm your features, there are many options from Oliver Goldsmith that provide that effortless look – from the Yatton which has lovely soft, geometric shaping to the Moosh – which was originally designed in 1968, the Moosh maintains the design qualities of the sixties silhouette, but has a more refined elegance and delicacy to its shaping.

While square sunglasses can work well with a square face, it's best to choose a slightly rounded or curved frame to soften the angles – like the Yatton Winter Sun. Balance a heart-shaped face with square sunglasses that have wider frames at the bottom, creating visual weight towards the lower part of your face – Winston is a fantastic frame for heart-shaped faces.

Square sunglasses can be worn casually for everyday activities, but depending on the design and material, they can also be suitable for more formal occasions. Many eyewear brands offer their own interpretations of square sunglasses, so you'll find a wide range of styles, colours, and price points on the market. Oliver Goldsmith have been making square sunglasses since 1926 and many of our designs today are replicas of our vintage sunglasses. These are sunglass designs that have stood the test of time and will continue to look timeless and classic in years to come.

Remember that while certain styles may be in fashion at a given time, the most important factor in choosing sunglasses is how they suit your individual face shape, personal style, and the level of UV protection they offer for your eyes. The sun emits harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays, specifically UVA and UVB rays. Prolonged and excessive exposure to these rays can lead to a range of eye problems including cataracts, macular degeneration, and even some types of eye cancers. Sunglasses with UV protection help to block these harmful rays. Bright sunlight can also cause you to squint and strain your eyes, especially when engaged in outdoor activities like driving or sports. Wearing sunglasses with proper UV protection reduces the need to squint, which can help prevent eye strain. It is also worth mentioning the skin around your eyes. It is often very sensitive and can be prone to sunburn, wrinkles, and premature aging due to UV exposure. Sunglasses provide a barrier against harmful UV rays, helping to protect the delicate skin around your eyes. Lastly, prolonged exposure to UV rays without protection can lead to long-term damage to your eyes, potentially affecting your vision over time – this is particularly important for children. Wearing sunglasses can help preserve your eyesight and is a simple and effective way to take care of your eyes and enjoy the outdoors safely. Always opt for sunglasses that provide adequate UV protection to safeguard your eyes from harmful sun rays – something that comes as standard with any Oliver Goldsmith frame.

Square sunglasses have transcended generations, becoming an enduring symbol of style and sophistication. By understanding their historical significance, recognizing the influence of iconic celebrities, and choosing a pair that complements your face shape, you can confidently rock square shades and make a fashion statement that stands the test of time. Embrace this classic accessory and let your style shine!