There is just something about Kari. The beautifully arched frames are achingly sexy, like pursed lips ready to kiss. This frame typifies seventies cool and slipping on a pair instantly transports you to the halcyon days of discos and dancing.

This is the first time Kari has been seen in the OG collection since its original release in 1973 and it’s set to cement itself as a Goldsmith Icon. Kari encapsulates the spirit of the Oliver Goldsmith brand and the era it was designed by having the unique ability to evoke the soul and energy of the time and the beautiful women who used to wear it.

The 1970’s continues to be one of the most stylish decades of all time; platform shoes, boho blouses, shearling coats and mini-skirts, the era birthed some unforgettable style influences that evolved quickly as the years went on. High-profile fashion icons also helped cement the decade in our sartorial consciousness, from Farrah Fawcett and Bianca Jagger to Diane Keaton and Jane Birkin, that 70’s vibe is brilliantly distinctive.

The wonderful thing about wearing a statement frame is it will always garner compliments and the Kari will leave you bashing away praise all day long. Its beautiful shaping is complimented by strong, classic colourways from Black Leopard, Tortoise & Cherry, Rose and 10pm which accentuate the elegant shaping.  Bold sunglasses will always make an impact and are the perfect accessory to add something extra to an outfit whether it’s jeans and a t-shirt or full glam, Kari would amplify the simplest of outfits.

This beauty is also a wonderful size, many of the powerhouses from the Icons collection such as the Koko  and Fuz are super-sized, which is of course part of their charm, but for many they’re just a bit too big, which is where Kari steals the show…. the perfect balance of drama and wearability.  If you buy one pair of sunglasses this summer, make it these.
Oliver Goldsmith