At Oliver Goldsmith, our aim is simple

to maintain the legacy of our heritage and continue to produce the finest eyewear in the world.

Whilst tradition is vitally important to us, we are also a 21st century brand and the developments in modern manufacturing and lens quality allow us to offer the best of both. Our frames demonstrate the perfect synergy of old manufacturing techniques and new, advanced materials.

We largely work with artisans from family owned and operated factories. Their expertise and experience allow us to use many traditional techniques, methods that have been proven to provide the most hard-wearing and robust frames.

Show me something made by a machine that has the same personality and attention to detail as something handmade. What we do here is special.


Who makes the components for our frames is almost as important to us as how they are made and we only work with the best suppliers, whether that be in England, Italy, France or Japan. We believe in relationships, trust and social responsibility – and that continues through to the people who sell our products. The opticians and retail stores that stock Oliver Goldsmith, are some of the most genuine, creative and passionate people in the world.

The specific manufacturing requirements of our frames dictate the factories and craftsman and women we work with. Japan are pioneers in their work with metal, whilst Italy is still renowned for producing the best quality acetate on the market. All factories are different and have different ‘personalities’ when they make frames. Our job is to perfectly match the skill set and personality of the factory with the frame style and construction.

Making each style is a team effort, a collaboration of experience, ability and passion and we believe this partnership is something you can literally feel in the final product.