The Winter Sun Collection was a concept originally devised by Oliver Goldsmith back in 1969.  The frames feature lightly tinted sun lenses, formally known as ‘cosmetic lenses’.  They were designed with a tint that aimed to relax the eyes and intended to remove the brightness of interior lights or the suns glare on a winter’s day.   

Today, we have taken this exact same concept but updated it for the modern mortal.  Just as its predecessors, the collection features lightly tinted lenses, but with a premium grade, optically correct glaze.  The tint serves as the perfect solution to wearing sunglasses on a grey day, hiding hangovers or simply for a touch of camouflage.  They can even be used to ease the strain on eyes from digital devices.

The Collection replicates some of our most popular styles; the OOPS, Yatton, YNot, Gopas, and Lord but in a slightly smaller size, so they are more suitable for indoor and winter use.  This month sees the launch of brand-new colour ways, from Sweet Brown and Gingerbread to Honey and Champagne, Cherry and Shadow, there’s definitely something for everyone.

If you’re looking for a 70’s vibe, why not check out the OOPs, a favourite of our beloved fashion icon; Audrey Hepburn, who wore the frame with aplomb, or the Gopas, a cool and contemporary aviator.

The Y-Not and Yatton serve as beautiful alternatives to your everyday frames, they are modern and distinctive, whilst the Lord is the classic that deserves a place in everyone’s collection.

The Winter Sun collection is handmade in Italy by expert craftsman using the finest cotton acetate and premium UVA/UVB sun lenses.

As the original advertising from 1969 states - ‘Remember to see and be seen in Oliver Goldsmith’  - A sentiment we continue to standby to this day.


Oliver Goldsmith