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Fashion Sunglasses

Fashion sunglasses from an icon of British eyewear - Oliver Goldsmith is synonymous with stars and style.


Think Michael Caine in his signature black spectacles, Audrey Hepburn in the big white glasses that framed her elfin face, and Lady Gaga in archival sunglasses adorned with crystals. Oliver Goldsmith has been at the forefront of fashion for decades with a constant stream of unique and alluring designs.


To this day, Oliver Goldsmith continues to be a revolutionary name in the eyewear industry, providing both fashion and functionality across its whole collection.


Quite simply, Oliver Goldsmith pushes the boundaries of exception, self-expression, and individuality. Designs are inspired by British history and heritage - fashion, architecture, and industry along with many cult movements such as mods and rockers.


Shop this stylistically dynamic collection of spectacles and sunglasses online today.

Oliver Goldsmith Fashion Sunglasses Online – Collections

OG ICONS - A collection of replica sunglasses that have proved iconic for nearly 80 years. From the Goldsmith family private archive of vintage frames, each OG ICON is an exact reproduction of the original - nothing changed, nothing altered.


OG DECADES - A collection of sunglasses that celebrates the incredible journey of eyewear design and innovation. Each OG DECADES style is a representation of a certain era, during which time Oliver Goldsmith was ever-present in crafting and creating designs.


CLAIRE GOLDSMITH LEGACY - A collection of eyewear that pays homage to both vintage style and contemporary chic. Classic but with a modern twist, each CLAIRE GOLDSMITH LEGACY design features no logo, allowing style to speak for itself.


OG MINI ICONS - A collection of sunglasses for children featuring exact replicas of several Oliver Goldsmith iconic styles. Scaled down to fit little faces, each design is available in a number of beautiful and vibrant colourways.


MADE TO ORDER - Looking for something original and unique? Enter the Oliver Goldsmith Vintage Archive and make your sunglasses to order. Designs range from TV screens, tennis racquets and space visors to exemplary Oliver Goldsmith designs including Goo Goo, Butterfly, and Hex.

The Oliver Goldsmith Story – From Then to Now

A family-run business for over 80 years, Oliver Goldsmith was the first to see glasses as fashion accessories, first to make sunspecs, first to make ‘winter sunglasses’,…first to work alongside fashion houses to create one-off pieces for the catwalks, first to appear in Vogue and Queen, and first to be endorsed by celebrities and Royals.

Dress designers including Dior and Givenchy commissioned Oliver Goldsmith to create frames that would complement their seasonal collections, with celebrities such as Grace Kelly, Peter Sellers, Nancy Sinatra, Ursula Andress and Nina Simone becoming regular visitors to the designer's Poland Street showroom.

Today, the brand is spearheaded by Claire Goldsmith - the great-granddaughter of Oliver Goldsmith. She has made a natural progression from working with Oliver Goldsmith's archive of vintage frames to creating completely new collections of both sun and optical designs.

"Simply developing and refining the classics leads to a desire to re-work them and in turn that leads to totally new designs which clearly carry a contemporary aesthetic," said Claire. "We have to explore our curiosity using up-to-date technologies and experimenting with alternative materials. I feel that our journey of discovery with the CG brand has only just begun.”


Buy Oliver Goldsmith Fashion Spectacles & Sunglasses Online

Quality Selection - Oliver Goldsmith Fashion Spectacles Online

From bespoke sunglasses to custom-sized spectacles, Oliver Goldsmith eyewear is created by the finest craftsmen - some located in England, some in Italy where eyewear was invented, some in Japan where advanced manufacturing technology leads the way, while others hail from Germany where precision & excellence is standard.


But it's not a matter of where Oliver Goldsmith fashion spectacles and sunglasses are made, it's much more about who is making them. Oliver Goldsmith picks and chooses its factories based on nothing but skill, experience and passion.


This results in a no compromise approach to quality. Oliver Goldsmith will only ever use the best people, in the best factories working with the best materials.