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The Crown and Oliver Goldsmith

Celebrity and sunglasses go hand in hand and Oliver Goldsmith has been pivotal in framing some of the most famous faces on the planet.  The Royal Family have always played a special part in the historic make-up of the Oliver Goldsmith story; from Princess Caroline of Hanover to Grace Kelly (Princess Grace of Monaco) who famously had a vast collection of OG to a little more close to home – with loyal support by our British Royals; Princess Margaret, Lord Snowdon, Princess Diana and Prince Charles, who is now of course our monarch, King Charles III.



Princess Diana had many defining moments when it came to her fashion choices, and even today she is referenced time and time again.  Her style, vision and the brave and dynamic sartorial choices she made make her one of the most recognized women on the planet and we are proud to have framed her so regularly.  In fact, Claire (Goldsmith) regales in the stories of her childhood; her mother dancing round the kitchen in a pair of broken sunglasses, when she asked who they belonged to, her Mother replied that they were Princess Diana’s – her father (Ray) had been asked to go to the Palace to fix them!

In 2021, Vogue wrote THIS article focusing on her eyewear choices and in it she is predominately wearing Oliver Goldsmith.  From her firm favourite, the famous white aviator, Berwick, which is still in our collection (and coming back soon in a wash of new colours) to Nisha (designed in 1987), Monaco and Chas (an old favourite).(Image reference from Vogue article: 1,2 & 9 is BERWICK in Brown. Image 3  is NISHA, 4 & 7 is BERWICK in white. 10, 11 & 13 is MONACO and image 16 she is wearing CHAS)



Diana, Princess of Wales also wore ‘Rio’, a style that is coming back to the collection soon. Carl is available as archive only, but as with all our archival frames, anything and everything can be made to order, just get in touch to find out more. [email protected]

Please see the full article at EYESTYLIST.COM